October 8, 2021

Guild Academy is Open

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Guild Academy is Open

After months of hard work, Guild Academy is now ready for all!

As the first academy of its kind, football legend David Beckham has been instrumental in our creation.

To hear more on this, check out the interview between David and Guild FIFA content creator TN25, where they talk about Guild Academy’s launch here.

The Importance of Academies

David also states in the interview how important academy systems are and how lucky he was to have been part of one while growing up.

He also talks about how young people gain life skills, a sense of community and receive help with regards to their mental and physical health with the former being more important these days.

Guild Academy certainly focuses on this aspect as well as garnering a sense of community through regular tournaments and has specialists that help young athletes with physical training, nutrition and psychological well being.


David Beckham also talks about the importance of getting parents and guardians involved. He himself only started to take esports seriously when he heard his kids talk about it and said his children have been more excited about his involvement with Guild Academy than anything else he has done in his career!

Guild Academy also educates parents about esports through the dedicated Parents Centre on our website.

As David said, Guild is providing ‘a safe space in the digital world’ where parents and guardians will be able to see what their children are playing and who they are playing with.

Guild’s Work Ethic

Our mentality is that getting results requires focus and hard work, more so than talent. David summarises it perfectly when he said, ‘Talent comes from hard work’.

At Guild Academy, kids become gamers, content creators and coaches while learning from people they look up to.

It’s a safe space for children with professionals available to advise them and look after them.

Our goal is to furnish children with the skills required to succeed in the esports industry, as well as in life, in a safe space with total transparency for parents and guardians.

Next Steps

Guild Academy has launched with educational content for Fortnite and Rocket League. Because we have professional teams that compete in both games, we know how to train players to become professionals.

We’ll next release content for two more games: Valorant and FIFA.

We’ll also soon be adding Health and Performance training programs because as David noted - we understand how important wellness assistance is for aspiring athletes.

Our users can also expect inaugural tournaments that will provide a sense of community, allow players to be scouted and enable them to climb the ranks to become a part of the professional Guild esports teams, which will be announced very soon.

Our Academy is open for all gamers, parents and guardians alike.

Now all you need to do is sign up and become part of the Guild community!