October 8, 2021

How Guild Can Help You Get Spotted!

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As pointed out when talking about who we are, we at Guild Academy are all about helping you achieve your maximum potential as an esports athlete/professional.

Now, let’s talk about the tools we’ll be using to help you on that path.

The Guild Online Academy

Your first stop is our online academy, which includes a tournament platform as well as our AI-assisted learning engine. Here, you’re able to increase both your skills and apply what you’ve picked up in competitive games. Players’ performances in tournaments are also analysed and tracked.

The online academy offers opportunities to get scouted in addition to personal development and in-game coaching. Plus, you have the opportunity to meet and socialise with other like-minded players and you get reward programs too. The esports education aspect of the online academy includes game coaching content, game reviews, quizzes, drills and interactive lessons.

In-game & Out-of-game

At the online academy, we like to divide your development into ‘in-game’ and ‘out-of-game’ categories. In-game development naturally oversees your growth as an esports athlete, focusing on game skills and teamplay abilities.

Through the use of our Academy platform, we take your tournament performance data into consideration to deliver personalised training and assessment to tailor your education program to give exactly what you need to make you a better player.

The out-of-game development on the other hand, focuses on personal skills to help your development, not just as an athlete, but as a professional too and is delivered by industry experts.

Lots Going On

In addition to what happens at the online academy in terms of education, there’s regular tournaments on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and so on basis to help you practice your skills, claim bragging rights and gain Guild Points, that can be used in our rewards programs.

Bigger and less frequent tournaments have larger rewards such as prizes and experiences that attract professional teams and giving you the chance to scrim with them and to experience professional coaching analysis sessions and much more. Plus, you have access to the wealth of knowledge on our Discord server, as well as our live workshop sessions and shared content such as daily tips, infographics, community content and loads more.

We make sure that all our resources are available to everyone, regardless of gender or any other social characteristics. We also make sure that we get your parents/guardians onboard through our parent information centre and we share your academy reports with them too.

Guild Academy HQ

Another resource we provide for a select few, is our Guild Academy HQ. This is where athletes receive the chance to train and compete with professional players and coaches in bootcamps that use the highest class of equipment, while being nurtured and supported for a professional role within the Guild Esports Ecosystem. At Guild, we’ve prepared every resource you’ll ever need on your journey to esports greatness.

All we need now is your talent and hard work and together, we’ll make sure you reach your destination!

Guild Academy