October 8, 2021

Your Name, Your Game, Your Fame

3 min read

As any avid esports fan knows, there are many names that spring to mind when someone says ‘esports’. The games, game developers, tournaments, teams, players, casters and sponsorship brands… just to name a few. All of these things come together to create what is known as the ‘esports ecosystem’. Anyone who wants to be a professional esports player (looking at you!), or have a career in esports, has to act within this ecosystem. This article sets out who and what Guild Academy is and how we can help break into esports.

The Way We Coach

At Guild Academy, we aim to develop your esports skills in a comprehensive and innovative way.

‘Comprehensive’ means we’ll teach you all the aspects of esports needed to develop you to succeed and ‘innovative’ means we are a brand new, platform-based approach to learning esports skills. This approach is game-specific and tailored just for you to suit your particular needs too.

The Academy is open to all. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned campaigner, seeking that final push to go pro. The Academy will teach you the skills, knowledge and habits that will enable you to succeed later in life. These include dealing with pressure, strategic thinking and teamwork, all of which are skills that are now considered more important than technical knowledge to succeed in the 21st century business environment.

Our Objectives

1. Inspiring the next generation of esports professionals, like yourself, to help them embrace the industry they love and to help them develop their skills with a combination of game-specific coaching programs and tournaments.

2. Making sure everyone involved in the academy becomes a part of our Guild community, where they can discover like-minded gamers and local groups to engage in lively discussion to learn and grow together.

3. We want every gamer in our academy to level up their abilities. This is achieved by helping you reach, and then exceed, your esports potential.

4. We’ve created a pipeline, where at one end we take interested gamers to then supply esports athletes and professionals from the other. We’ll build the future of Guild together.

Feeling Safe and Happy

There are some topics related to esports that we at Guild consider very important. One of them is safety. First and foremost, we’ve created a safe and inclusive environment for you. We constantly strive to make sure that you are protected from any form of abuse and we respond quickly to any concerns you might have. We also take working on community building very seriously. Because esports is a relatively young industry, it as of now doesn’t have a well-established legal framework, and it therefore tends to operate on a who-you-know basis.

Guild Academy therefore works towards introducing like-minded individuals to each other, as well as industry professionals, to build our community. These efforts include live discussions with esports professionals across the globe, maintaining our Discord community, interactive workshops and other such enterprises.

As our community builds, we make sure that you can thrive in a safe and non-toxic environment and have robust policies in place to achieve this.


The final topic that’s important to us is parents - surprise, surprise! We at Guild understand how important parental consent is to succeed as an esports athlete. We’ve made all the necessary arrangements through our online channels to ensure your parents/guardians understand what esports are, how they can benefit you, how they can be turned into a career and how the dangers associated with esports can be managed through our Academy.

Getting your parents’ support will help you reach your goals so much easier.

This, in a nutshell, is who and what we are.

So, all you now have to do is to submit your name, select your game and work towards your fame!

Guild Academy