October 8, 2021

You’ve Turned Pro… Now What Do You Do?!?

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Congratulations… you’ve made it! You’ve achieved what you set out to do and you’ve fulfilled your dream. After a gruelling amount of training, playing and improving yourself, you’ve been picked up by a professional esports club and have become a professional athlete. Now it’s a life of traveling, playing in glamorous tournaments, meeting new people, generally enjoying life and taking it easy, right? Actually… no. The life and daily regime of a professional esports athlete, just like any other industry where you want to stay on top, revolves around discipline, study, practice and above all, self-care. So, let’s take a look at what the typical day of a pro looks like…


The main part of your day as a pro will be spent practicing your game of choice and perfecting your craft. Practice can consist of scrimmages and team practice under the watchful eye of your coach. Plus, individual practice where you can work out your newest theories and study reviews of yourself, your team and your opponents. But rest assured, you’ll spend your days living and breathing the game you love so much!


These days, it’s impossible to imagine an esports team or athlete that doesn’t stream their matches or does other types of content. Be it on YouTube, Twitch or another platform, what you stream can either be a personal choice, a sponsorship obligation or a team requirement. It can be done for interaction with your fans or just you doing your thing. No matter what it is, you’ll spend a certain amount of your time streaming and perhaps in return, you’ll receive a game tip from your audience that’ll help you become a better player!

Real World

The mainstream image of an esports athlete is that of a recluse, spending countless hours in a darkened room in front of a screen. Nothing could be further from the truth! You’ll still spend time with your family and friends or you still might have university studies to complete, or you still might have to answer business emails and attend meetings. Basically… you can’t pause the real world. There’ll still be all the obligations and the little annoyances that the rest of us have to deal with.


As an athlete, it’s important that you keep yourself in top shape and esports athletes are no exception. Most professional players either work out or have a favourite activity that helps them stay in shape and keep their form. They also take care of what they eat, they always make sure to stretch before practice and they keep their posture correct while playing. In order to ensure that you have as long as a career as possible, you’ll need to incorporate taking care of yourself into your daily routine.

Rest and Relaxation

A major issue professional esports athletes face is burn-out. This is caused by focusing on a game too much.

You have to remind yourself to log-off now and then and make sure your psychological well-being is attended to.

Most pros have a routine where they block out certain periods of time to log off to spend time doing their favourite offline hobby. This also means paying attention to your sleep schedule. Pros tend to be early risers and they make sure they get plenty of sleep. As any professional athlete should!

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