Welcome to the Guild Academy Parent Centre

This is your specific resource for what we believe in and for how we do things at Guild Academy.

Guild Academy Info

  • World-class esports development ecosystem
  • Game-specific coaching program tailored to take players to the next level
  • Personal and skill development training to empower success in later life
  • Structured path to becoming a professional in esports - either as a player or with a career in the industry

Development + Safety

We care deeply that the child in your care receives the right development and is safe at Guild Academy.

Nothing is as important.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at hello@guildacademy.com.

Parent Community

Join up with like-minded people and find out the latest Guild Academy news.

  • Support group for parents wanting to learn more about esports
  • Network to connect with other parents in esports
  • Stay up to date with latest family programs from academy

Director's welcome

Joe SuttonDirector of Academy
As the Academy Director, I am incredibly proud to be leading this project and bringing an Academy platform to the esport community, unlike anything seen before. Having spent the last 15 years working in youth development in elite sport, I bring passion, experience and a knowledge base that understands how to develop relationships and inspire young people to help them fulfil their potential. Gaming is ever present in youth culture so Guild has created a safe and enjoyable online space that can enable players of all abilities to not only improve their game play but also improve their physical and mental well-being. Our team of experts have diverse backgrounds in traditional sport and esport to offer a unique blend of in-game and lifestyle coaching so that every player who joins has the best chance of success in the future. We are delighted that you have joined us and look forward to embarking on a great journey together!