Our Vision

Guild Academy aims to bring esports players from around the world, aged 11 and up, on a unique learning journey that primarily focuses on personal discovery and development through gameplay and to nurture a global community of like-minded players with the talent, growth mindset and ambition to succeed at their highest level.

Our mission

Guild Academy is the world’s most comprehensive and innovative esports development ecosystem.

Game specific, individual coaching programs and challenges take every player to the next level and to unlock their true potential.

We take the personal development of our players far beyond the game. Our team of industry experts deliver masterclasses to maximise our player’s learning, while providing them with the full knowledge and skills to enable them to succeed in later life.

Our values

  • INSPIRE the future generation of players through a world-leading esports academy and tournament platform
  • LEVEL UP, EMPOWER & MAXIMISE the potential of every academy player
  • DISCOVER AND DEVELOP a consistent pipeline of world-class esports players and professionals to have a meaningful career path in the industry